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Website Design Ultra

Website Design Ultra

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We work with the SHOPIFY platform:

This platform has a monthly fee of $39 per month and a transaction fee of 2.9% for sales + an additional annual cost for your domain, which is the www, so that your audience can reach your online store more easily.

What does my service include?
Theme Purchased directly from Shopify
Free apps needed for the web
I create all your collections
We add 1-30 products with their description.
Continued support
I teach you how to upload your products
Explanatory video to learn about the Shopify system.
I teach you how to make shipments and how to manage the website
We add the buttons to personalize your merchandise.
constant help
Benefits of having an online store?

1- You attract more customers.
2-Your sales increase.
3-It facilitates your sales and shipments.
4-Online Store 24/7 open to the public.
5- Your clients do not have to wait for your response or quote.

Having a website is the best investment you can make for your business, you show your clientele professionalism and security.

The creation of websites does NOT include a domain, if one is desired it must be purchased on the same shopify platform, its cost starts at $15 or more per year or in your preferred location. We can help you connect the domain I bought from you but if you don't connect oh you didn't do it right it's NOT our responsibility, I recommend you get the domain directly with shopify.

If you have any questions write us on instagram or our email.

When placing your order

When you process your order, please contact us to send us all the necessary information to work on your order.

Instagram : @dilovelythings


Time to process order

When the order has been placed you will be notified via message. It will be worked on in 1-2 weeks, depending on the flow of orders, it may be longer or less.

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Love it did a great work